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Where does the Lanjarón water sold in the GCC come from?

All Lanjarón is 100% natural mineral water bottled in Spain and is bottled from the same source and on the same bottling line in the Sierra Nevada mountains of Granada, Spain. In fact, the name of Lanjaron’s source is Manantial Salud, which means Spring Health in English. 

How can I trust that all of the information on Lanjarón's label is true and Lanjarón is really natural mineral water bottled in Spain?

In addition to complying with strict European Union standards, Lanjarón underwent a strict audit at its bottling factory in Spain to earn the Emirates Quality Mark in 2014. The audit included a full water analysis and verification of our water label in Arabic and English. The audit was a long process, but was well worth it to supply you with the best natural mineral water.

Do you allow your bottles to be exposed to direct sunlight or the hot summer temperatures at any time from the bottling plant to the customer delivery?

Lanjarón Arabia Distributors spends a lot of money and time to ensure your bottles are ALWAYS shipped in chilled 19˚C ship containers. Moreover, we guarantee 19˚C chilled storage and 19˚C chilled delivery vehicle to you. You will see photos of our chilled storage facilities and our chilled delivery vans on this website (ABOUT US) and on our Instagram page @lanjaronarabia.  Feel free to call us for further proof of our quality control.

What is considered "low sodium in a bottle of water?"

Any bottled water that contains less than 20mg/L of sodium is considered “low in sodium” according to the World Health Organization. If you are worried about sodium in your diet, you should be more concerned with the food you eat than with the water you drink.


The U.S. Food and Drug Administration recommends that individuals consume no more than 2,300 milligrams of sodium per day, and that certain groups limit intake to 1,500 milligrams per day.


Check out the sodium in our daily food:
– 296 mg in one pinch of salt
– 87 mg in 1/2 salmon fillet
– 30 mg in one cup broccoli
– 3 mg of sodium in 500 mL bottle Lanjarón


You would have to drink more than 700 bottles of Lanjarón in a day to reach the recommended daily allowance. Lanjarón is thereby definitely “low in Sodium.”

Are Lanjarón bottles made with BPA-Free and BPS-Free plastic?

Yes! Our bottles are 100% BPA-Free and 100% BPS-Free. This can be proven by the number 1 triangle on the bottom of all our PET bottles.

Is it true that water is a colorless, tasteless, and odorless liquid?

Water has no color or odor, but it does have a taste depending on its mineral composition.

Does drinking plenty of water help you to remain thin?

Maintaining proper weight is not only a function of the Natural Mineral Water you drink, but also a function of a healthy lifestyle. Therefore it is important to drink Natural Mineral Water, to maintain a balanced, healthy diet and to perform daily physical exercise.

Will I feel better if I drink 2 litres of natural mineral water per day? If so, why?

Studies from organizations such as the WHO (World Health Organization) and the EFSA (European Food Safety Agency) recommend a total intake of 2 litres per day for an adult male living in a moderate climate.

Do all natural mineral waters have the same taste?

No. The taste of natural mineral water depends on the type of natural minerals inside and the amount of natural minerals inside.