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Ingredients Focus: Water

by Claudia De Brito, Hotelier Middle East @HotelierME

Now in its third edition, S.Pellegrino Young Chef Award is an opportunity for rising culinary talent to demonstrate and strengthen their skills.
Each young chef’s application and signature dish was evaluated by experts at the World’s Leading International Educational and Training Centre for Italian Cuisine, ALMA, in charge of the local finalist selection. ALMA’s experts evaluated the applications in adherence to the five “Golden Rules”: ingredients, skill, genius, beauty and message.
Aditya Kumar Jha from Tamba Abu Dhabi, Mario Christianto from The Exchange Grill Restaurant in Dubai and Nigel Lobo at The Eloquent Elephant in Dubai are among the top 10 MEA semi-finalists set to compete at a local challenge that will take place in Dubai this year. They have been selected from thousands of applications submitted by young chefs from over 90 different countries, all of them looking for their chance to be part of S.Pellegrino’s global talent search for the world’s best young chef.
Nordaq Fresh
La Marquise International has brought to the market an innovative filtration system Nordaq Fresh which produces high quality water through its patent filtration process. Nordaq Fresh water is served in beautifully designed glass bottles, which can be reused and their water system contributes to a cleaner planet — bottled on-site, no fossil-fuelled transportation, no single use plastic bottles and no waste.
Nordaq Fresh is served in restaurants with a total of 122 stars in the Michelin Guide.
Lanjarón has launched a new EcoPremium 1.25L bottle. The bottle is red, reinforcing the company’s Spanish origin and is manufactured using 50% recycled PET (rPET).
This serves as a substitute for a glass bottle and is geared for households and premium restaurants which want to present an environmentally-friendly bottle containing European natural mineral water at an affordable price.
Acqua Morelli
Acqua Morelli has a very low mineral content and is naturally filtered. The company has recently launched the new 500ml glass bottle in both still and sparkling which is becoming a trend in the Horeca industry. The royal blue Acqua Morelli bottles also comes in 250ml, 750ml and 1litre in still and sparkling with both glass and plastic packaging.
AKI Food Service Solutions has just recently added Sant’Anna water to its beverage portfolio. The water passes through granite rocks that yield little residue and few minerals; in particular, very small traces of sodium.
The spring, which is set at 1,950m above sea level is surrounded by nature and the the water reaches the bottling factory following strict production standards, avoiding any pollutants and ensuring the purity of the final product.