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Health For Your Baby and You

Natural Mineral Water: key to your health and the health of your baby

Maintaining good hydration is crucial during pregnancy and your baby’s first few months of life. Lanjarón natural mineral water, because of its unique mineral composition, is highly recommended for your best hydration.

Staying well-hydrated and maintaining a healthy diet is of the utmost importance during pregnancy. The mineral composition of Lanjarón’s natural mineral water is important component of your diet, health, and your baby’s health.


During pregnancy, the functioning of a woman’s body changes, causing her to need more water intake. To facilitate the formation of her amniotic fluid, placenta and fetus, a pregnant woman should consume more natural mineral water every day compared to when she is not pregnant.

A convenient way to stay hydrated is to always carry a bottle of  Lanjarón mineral water in your bag and to keep stock in your office and home.

Clever pregnant women utilize Lanjaron’s free home delivery subscription service so they never run out of water during the first six months of pregnancy.

Hydration during your lactation period and the first six months of your baby’s life

During pregnancy, lactation increases your sensation for thirst because your production of breast milk. The quality of milk depends you, so it is important to stay physically healthy, pay attention to what you are eating and drinking, and maintain a balanced, hydrated diet to provide the best for your baby. 



Therefore, taking into account that 85 percent of breast milk is water and the estimated average production of breast milk is 750 to 800 millilitres of milk per day, it is necessary that your daily water intake by 700 millilitres to compensate for the loss from breastfeeding (European Food Safety Authority).



During the first months of life, your baby will be fed exclusively from your milk.  The amount of liquid a baby under the age of six months consumes every day is approximately 680 millilitres. During these months, babies are much more sensitive to environmental changes such as heat in summer and cold in the winter. They also require more hydration when they have a fever or are suffering from a gastrointestinal episode.

Hydration after six months

After the first six months of life, your baby will need more food in addition to milk. This food will generally start with gluten free cereal, and followed with pureed fruit, fish, vegetables and chicken. Regardless during all stages of your baby’s development, natural mineral water such Lanjarón will remain a fundamental part of your baby’s diet.

Recommended Natural Mineral Water Content for Babies