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Privileged Origin

The privileged origin of Lanjarón natural mineral water

The purity of Lanjarón natural mineral water stems from a natural process that grants the water its excellent quality. This process is simply the preservation of each summit, each rock, and each snowflake. A snowflake that slowly melts and filters through the land acquires its unique composition to become water in the heart of the Sierra Nevada mountain range.


The Sierra Nevada Natural Area extends through the Spanish provinces of Granada and Almería. Because of the enormous diversity of its landscape, the Sierra Nevada houses the most important botanical richness of Europe. In 1986, UNESCO declared the Sierra Nevada Natural Area as a Biosphere Reserve.

Our water comes from the highest peaks of the Iberian Peninsula: the Mulhacén Peak (3,478 metres) and the Veleta peak (3,396 metres). The water is shielded from contamination and human contact. The source of our water is a unique place, a unique source of purity.


Our natural mineral water has a statutory protection perimeter. This perimeter is located around the aquifer recharge zone. Human, industrial and livestock activities are controlled so that they cannot affect the quality of natural mineral water in this area. Lanjarón natural mineral water is even more protected because it is sourced in the Sierra Nevada National Park, which is known throughout Spain as one of nature’s jewels. Some areas of the park are prohibited to enter, while other areas are accessible only by foot.

Lanjaron Mineral Water Origin

Lanjarón natural mineral water is the only water that can be found nationwide with this double protection from contamination. At the foot of the Sierra Nevada mountain range is the town of Lanjarón. Natural mineral water has always been an important part of its culture and development.


The word Lanjarón roots from the Arabic word “Al Anhur,” denoting its landscape shaped by natural rivers and streams. This natural mineral water is used in spas and contributes to one of the mysteries of the town: the extraordinary longevity of its inhabitants. The spas in the town of Lanjarón claim that its water “endows life, health and eternal youth.”